Controller Concern 3

the amazing air traffic controller simulator game, now with multiplayer!

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Welcome to Controller Concern!

Welcome to Controller Concern, where you replace some god-forsaken air traffic officer in managing the airspace around an airport in Serbia! Or, play vs your friend in our brand new multiplayer mode! Download a copy of the .jar file at the top of the page, and enjoy!


You can download the game using the "download game" link above. You can also access the manual via this link. It contains information on how to install and play the game.


Controller Concern packs in many amazing features such as:


You can find information in the manual and in the wiki:

Basic Controls

If you don't want to read the manual, here is a quick control list to get you up and running:


You can see the game running below:

Main Menu
Main Menu

Single player gameplay

Game Over Screen
Single player game over screen

Multi player gameplay

Game Over Screen
Multi player game over screen

Game Over Screen
Multi player pause screen


When running the game from eclipse, run it from the ini-atc-desktop > src > seprini >

Authors and Contributors

This game was made by the INI Development Team, consisting of: Miguel Boland, Philip Drew, Joseph Hamm, Leslie Hor, Paulius Imbrasas and Jaidev Mandhiyan.

Support or Contact

You can refer to the wiki if you are having problems with the game.

If the wiki does not answer you question, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please email either Philip Drew ( or Paulius Imbrasas (